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Components of AG Academy 

Classroom Resources

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AG Academy gives Year 6 teachers five lesson plans and a Student Investigation to promote learning about agriculture in WA. These are ready to go, aligned to the WA curriculum and developed by Edith Cowan University in collaboration with agricultural industry partners.

Incursion/Excursion with Ag Industry Participant 

AG Academy brings the farm to the whole of school via incursion. Students will have opportunity to talk to and ask questions of an agricultural industry professional about their chosen career, such as their daily activities and how they became interested in their field.

Journal with Augmented Reality experiences about Agriculture in Western Australia

AG Academy's journal summarises student learning about Agriculture in Western Australia, with the Augmented Reality experiences providing sustained student engagement. The journal is presented to each student who completes the program. We also hope that the students will share the journal with a parent, grandparent or friends so they may also learn something about agriculture in Western Australia.

Our Purpose 

At AG Academy, we know how important the Western Australia agriculture industry is to each and every person – and we want to share that knowledge and appreciation with the next generation.

Bringing the experience to them, AG Academy seeks to spark curiosity in students, and give them the tools to understand the many agricultural industries of Western Australia.

The students of today will be the participants of the Agricultural industry of tomorrow, and we hope to guide their interest and love of Western Australia Agriculture.

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AG Academy features:

  • Full gamut of student worksheets and in classroom presentations to enable the teaching of the material. Teachers don’t have to prepare anything additional to teach the program.
  • There is no time constraint on teachers and they can complete the course work at their own pace, enabling them to fit it within the term schedule.
  • Its aligned to the WA Curriculum meaning that the teacher can achieve curriculum goals by teaching this material. This material doesn’t need to be additional and will complement existing lesson objectives.
  • Comes with a fully prepped student assignment that has a marking rubric completed that teachers can utilise to count towards a student’s grade for the term. 
  • All the support materials (videos, links, printable guides and reference materials) for teachers is all under one section. Teachers are enabled to deliver the content effectively, even with limited or no prior experience in about Agriculture.

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