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Journal with Augmented Reality


AG Academy's journal in Augmented Reality summaries their journey of Agriculture in Western Australia. The Augmented Reality components are engaging for the student as they revisit the learning from the first and second parts. The journal is presented to each Year 6 student who completes the program. We also hope that the students will share the journal with a parent, grandparent or friends and they may also learn something about agriculture in Western Australia

Augmented Reality in motion!

So what is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (or AR) is technology that overlays a layer of digital content in your physical world view using the camera on your smartphone and an app. A variety of content can be overlaid including video, 3d models and animation. Even real-time spatial data can be displayed.

Experiences can be triggered by just about anything in the real world; whether an image, object or even a QR code.

Examples of augmented reality experiences include face filters and the game Pokemon Go

What is the difference between AR & VR?

Augmented Reality enables users to interact with their physical world via their smartphone. This technology adds a layer of digital content on their screen whilst still enabling users to see the real world through their phone camera.

Virtual Reality enables users to interact with a virtual world via specialised head-mounted displays or headsets. This technology places users in a completely immersive experience that shuts them out of the physical world.

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What can I expect in the Journal?

The journal is just like any conventional print publication, except it has engaging experiences in Augmented Reality.

On the page is a summary of the major agricultural industries in Western Australia.

The pages are populated with facts and figures in each type of industry plus  a variety of careers that can be done in each industry.

Look out for the AR symbol!

When you see this symbol, be ready to interact!

From milking the cow, to sorting fruit and even a game of grains concentration, you'll have your hands full with these activities!

The combination of the words on the page and Augemented Reality create an engaging and  transformative experience for student and teacher alike!

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