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Agriculture is an important part of Australia’s economy.

From the number of people employed by farms and the amount of money earned by selling our products locally, nationally and overseas to the industries that support our farmers, Agriculture is a big part of the Australian Economy. In fact, for every $100 earned in Australia, $3 comes from primary production.

Let’s look at some more facts!

What Agriculture Export Means for Australia

In other countries, Australian products are recognised as high quality and taste. Crops grown overseas from Australian seeds often produce more bountiful and therefore better quality yield than locally produced seeds. This means that not only are we helping to feed the world, but we are helping other countries to feed themselves.

We can see that our customers are all over the world!

Agriculture includes the cultivation of almost anything that is grown.

There are lots of different types of farms and produce… and include food products that we can pick and eat straight away (like fruit and vegetables), some that need to be cooked (like beef, lamb, chicken and eggs), and also some that require some processing (like sugar, canola, dairy, wheat and barley).

In addition, there are some non-food products used in manufacturing (like cotton and wool).

Some of our products we export nearly all that we produce, and others (like pigs and poultry) are consumed locally.


Where our food and fibre comes from!

Food and fibre is grown all over Western Australia.

Explore this map to see where food is grown throughout our state.

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"I Work in Ag" Interview Series

First hand accounts from people working in Agriculture today.

Interview with Rachel

Interview with Rachel

Hi, my name is Rachel and I work in the Egg industry. Every day is different, my job keeps me busy and challenged in a positive way, but can you guess what I do?

Interview with Julia

Interview with Julia

Hi, my name is Julia and I work in grains & horticulture. My favourite part of the job is getting out into regional areas and visiting farms. But can you guess what I do?

Interview with Jim

Interview with Jim

Hi, my name is Jim and I work in the horticultural industry. I have had every job in vegetables but can you guess what I do?

Interview with Michael

Interview with Michael

Hi, my name is Michael and I work in dairy farming. I have worked not just on our family farm, but have also had the opportunity to work on other farms but can you guess what I do?

Interview with Richard

Interview with Richard

Hi, my name is Richard and I work in the fruit industry. My day is about growing, picking and packing operations but can you guess what I do?


Western Australian Premium Food & Beverage 

This video is shown to students as a part of AG Academy classroom resoures for Lesson 1 – Activity 4 to demonstrate the Story of Agriculture. This video was created by Western Australia’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to show off WA’s quality, fresh and sustainable produce to Asian markets. 

How A Cow Makes Milk

How A Cow Makes Milk

Let’s learn about how a cow turns grass into milk. You can do this HERE by watching this short video that explains how grass is turned into milk through a cow’s four stomach compartments!


How Australian Dairy Farmers Care For Their Cows

Learn how Australian farmers care for their cows HERE in this short video!


How Australian Farmers Care For The Environment

Australian farmers are passionate about the environment. Learn how Australian farmers help to care for the environment HERE in this short video!


How Dairy Products Are Made And The Cow Breeds In Australia

Let’s learn about how dairy products are made and what breeds of cows are commonly found in Australia!