AG Academy

AG Academy
20 November 2020

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WAFarmers is rolling out of the Western Australia based program called the “AG Academy”. It is aimed at engaging year 6 students on a project learning basis about the what, where, why and how of farming in Western Australia.

The 250 minute learning component is being prepared by Edith Cowan University and is mapped to WA based curriculum. ECU are also developing the resource in concert with agricultural industry participants and co-operation with industry peak bodies to provide real world content.

Through the 8 tasks of the AG Academy students will:

  • REVIEW what they know about AG
  • DEFINE what AG is and how it relates to them
  • ENGAGE with commonly purchased products from AG
  • CONNECT with AG, including do they know someone currently involved
  • EXPLORE the AG growing regions of Western Australia
  • UNDERSTAND the importance of AG in Western Australian economy and trade
  • ENQUIRE about the AG supply chain and how we get paddock to plate
  • INVESTIGATE and become a virtual expert in a chosen AG industry

 Upon successfully completion of the above, students will receive a personalized journal in Augmented Reality about Agriculture in Western Australia, which will reinforce their learning.

 Early sign up early for the Ag Academy will also include a mini agricultural incursion at the school with an AG industry professional.

The presenter will tell students what their job is, how they got into the career and how they too can realize a career in agriculture whether its as a producer, researcher, engineer or one of 117 various occupations that form part of agriculture.

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