Would you pay more for dairy made in WA?

Would you pay more for dairy made in WA?
15 April 2021

Western Australia is a producer of high quality, safe milk and in 2015/16 produced 385 million litres which had a value of over $202 million.

WA's milk has been identified as some of the cleanest and highest quality in Australia due to the state's very high herd health status.

Yet, can you think of a dairy product other than drinking milk and yogurt that Western Australia produces in great volumes?

In past decades, Western Australia produced a wider array of dairy products in volume, including cheese, ice cream and butter.

However, due to economies of scale it can be produced interstate and freighted in at a lower cost than what make if for here in Western Australia (save for the carbon footprint).

Now, we are left with artisan producers of those products who don’t manufacture on a scale sufficient to feed the general population at a price that the population can afford or are willing to pay.

Instead, we pay interstate producers for their products, much to the chagrin of our local industries.

FYCT is interested in your thoughts and comments.

Would you be prepared to pay more at the checkout for butter, cheese and ice cream if it was produced and manufactured here in Western Australia?

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