Did you know that fibres like wool are key to a plastic free future?

Did you know that fibres like wool are key to a plastic free future?
04 March 2021

lothing is a massive global industry. In 2019, 114 billion new items were produced.

Lets put that in perspective – that is 15 new items per person on the planet!

Most of that, regrettably, is going to wind up in landfill.

Over the next few weeks we will be unpacking how the wool producer, the consumer and natural fibres can play their parts in a better, more sustainable future.

For instance, every time we machine wash a synthetic garment, microfibers are released into the water, affecting our oceans, wildlife, and eventually our health as well.

Microplastic pollution is a problem, but we can help reduce our laundry’s environmental impact by considering more natural materials—especially when it comes to the synthetic materials we wash often, like gym clothes.

According to a recent Nielsen study that dove into the laundry habits of consumers across the world (as part of the Woolmark Company’s Global Wardrobe Study), wool items tend to be washed less frequently than clothes made from other fibers, at lower temperatures, saving you both time and money and impact on the environment.



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