Don’t take this years Christmas Dinner for granted!

Don’t take this years Christmas Dinner for granted!
01 March 2021

Will you be gobbling roast turkey this Christmas?

The Australian turkey industry produces around 5 million turkey every year.

This provides roughly $200 million per year to the Australian economy.

Finding turkey raised in Western Australia is a difficult during the Christmas period.

Turkeys are usually sourced from the Eastern States.

In NSW there are two large farms and three smaller farms in Victoria during the Christmas period turkeys.

Turkey production has recently been shocked by a bird flu outbreak in Victoria in late July this year.

This has lead to the euthanasia of over 400 000 poultry chickens, turkeys, and emus.

That included 4,000 turkeys which have been put down.

Is it time to ditch the turkey in favour of more Australian dishes for Christmas celebration?

Should we be having Western Australian seafood instead, supporting local industry?

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