WA Oats, one of the best!

WA Oats, one of the best!
01 March 2021

The Western Australian oat industry delivers around $200 million to the state’s economy every year. WA produces around 600 000 tonnes of oaten grain per year!

The WA oat industry is small compared to other grain industries. Typically, 25% of the WA oat crop is kept on the farm for animal feed and a further 25% is usually used within the domestic feed trade. However, there is a growing export demand for WA oat products.

WA oats are known to be one of the highest quality in the world and they successfully meet the requirements for both animal and human consumption. This has increased the popularity of WA oats with international market buyers, such as Japan, which are focussed on the quality of oats.

Quality milling oats are exported directly from WA as either grain or processed oats. The major markets of the Australian oat industry include China, Mexico, India, South Africa, and UAE.

Due to the increasing demand for WA oats, the processing sectors in WA have expanded significantly. The major manufacturer and supplier of oats in Australia are Quaker Oats Australia Pty Ltd which is located in WA. Quaker Oats produces oats that are fit for human consumption. Quaker Oats mainly produce rolled oats and oatmeal. In addition to this, UniGrain in Wagin and Metro Grain Oats processing plant in Forrestfield have increased their capacity!

The popularity of oats has increased with the increased research and knowledge on the health benefits of oats. One of the health benefits of oats relates to oat fibre, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol.

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