Our food systems aren’t working as they should be.

Our food systems aren’t working as they should be.
07 May 2021

Over 820 million people are still going hungry on our planet today.

At the same time, there is a worldwide obesity epidemic. 

Access, in terms of availability and cost, to healthy food is a major factor in both scenarios.

The limited number of foods we produce, the ways in which we grow and transport it, the ways in which we distribute it, all have huge room for improvement.

Changes in these systems can mean saving natural resources, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and having more food reach consumers, especially vulnerable groups.

There are many solutions available to us.

Including fruits and vegetables that have been overlooked on a global level which are now gaining attention for diversity of diet and production.

What fruit or vegetable do you consume that aren’t considered mainstream?

We’ll go first… dates!!!


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FAO/Manan Vatsyayana

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