West Australians are a diverse bunch...

West Australians are a diverse bunch...
27 May 2021

Many of our daily meals are inspired by recipes derived from different countries and cultures.

Take this delicious, traditional Portuguese stew for example.

This meal brings back memories of friends, family, home and travel through its distinct flavours and scent.

Despite this, none of its ingredients NEED to come from Portugal.

Nor do they need to travel on a plane to get to your plate.

In fact, this traditional stew is as local as it gets.

All ingredients, including the carrot, potato, onion, tomato and beef can all be grown right here in WA.

It’s a home grown taste from abroad!

With 2021 being the international year of fruit and veg, we look to recognise our produce and what it does for our favourite meals.

Let us know what your favourite international dish is below and what ingredients make it so yum!

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