Vision and Purpose

Our Vision

Food You Can Trust vision is to:

  • Illustrate the human side of farming.
  • Explain current farming practices in a transparent manner.
  • Show farming as agribusiness and not just agriculture.
  • Communicate farming as an integral part of everyday society.
  • Demonstrate the innovative and problem-solving capacity of farming.
to be completed

Our Purpose 

The purpose of Food You Can Trust is to focus on the value of farming in Western Australia and its contribution to the nation and the world.

We support of all types of farming in Western Australia and present a transparent account of the farming practices used in this state.

We present facts and information about real farmers, real farming and real food and fibre that comes from Western Australia.

The more you know about Western Australian farming, the better you will be able to trust and support our farmers, including where to buy their amazing products.

Rules of Play

We love hearing from you and encourage:

  • The respect of others when engaging with Food You Can Trust.
  • Vibrant discussion about our posts while being respectful of others.
  • Thinking before typing. All comments are public.
  • The use of English only or an appropriate English translation. This keeps the message understood by the wider community.
  • Fewer abbreviations as this can mean different things to different people.
  • Brief, purposeful and to the point commentary.

We will not tolerate commentary or other actions that are:

  • Racist, sexist, hateful, hurtful, anti-gay, slanderous, or defamatory.
  • Profane, obscene, aggressive or violent in nature.
  • Unproven and/or inaccurate claims against a person, persons or organisations.
  • Not authentic as written by the sender or author.
  • For advertising or other types of financial gain purposes.
  • Not easily understood, misleading or otherwise irrelevant.
  • Contrary to the purpose and values of Food You Can Trust as decided by our staff (with our decision being final).