Our Industry

With approximately 135 dairy farms and a total herd size of 54000 cows, the state produces around 364 million litres of milk per annum, contributing 4% of Australia’s total milk production. The value of milk leaving farms is $190m per annum. 

Where is it located?

The Western Australian dairy industry is located in the South West of the state around three main areas:

  1. Harvey
  2. Margaret River
  3. Denmark (on the south coast of WA)
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WA produces a much ‘whiter’ milk than other regions!

That's due to the high grain content in the dairy diet.

WA's milk has been identified as some of the cleanest and highest quality in Australia due to the state’s very high herd health status.

This is particularly valued by consumers in Japan and the Middle East who prefer a whiter product.

This is How We Farm to Feed the World

You drink, you love!

The majority of the milk produced in WA is consumed in the domestic market as fresh liquid milk.

Currently only 27% of milk produced is exported, predominantly to the Singapore market, which in 2015/16 had an export value of $58 million.

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More Than Milk!

In addition to high quality milk, the West Australian dairy industry also produces a wide range of products including:

  • Cream
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Concentrated Milk
  • Extended Shelf Life Milk