Why its so important to discuss how food is produced.

Why its so important to discuss how food is produced.
02 March 2021

It’s important that growers, customers and the community are able to have conversations about ways and whys of farming, and how food is produced.

But why?

Farmers need to understand the emerging customer and community food trends so that the research, technologies and innovations can evolve and ensure the continued sustainable growth of industries.

If farmers don’t have markets for their products, then they cease to have a viable enterprise and wind up with a very expensive hobby.

In the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables its important that the Western Australian community understands that our farming industries deliver high quality, nutritious and safe food for human and animal consumption.

Western Australian farmers constantly adapt to variable climatic conditions and changing market requirements to stay in front.

That is why (wherever possible) you should buy and eat locally grown and produced food products.

Buying locally grown food will ensure our farming industries can continue into the future!

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