Solar sheep!

Solar sheep!
03 May 2021

Farmers are keen to send the message that the linkages between the agricultural and renewable energy sectors have the potential to be mutually beneficial for both, as the two industries are set to meet to share experiences and opportunities to work together.

The second National Renewables in Agriculture Conference will be held this month in Dubbo, NSW with conference founder, Karin Stark, saying that including renewable energy projects on farmland was becoming an increasingly attractive way for farmers to reduce their costs and potentially help diversify income streams.

“Renewable energy is a practical way for farmers to significantly reduce their costs, reduce their exposure to energy price fluctuations and build business resilience,” Stark said.

On farm diesel for power generation can be one of the largest expenses a farm has if they are not within distance of a power grid. The addition of renewable energy projects with farming operations can prove to be highly complementary, with access to land with high solar and wind availability, potentially useable for both continued agricultural use while allowing for the generation of zero emissions electricity.

“Incorporating solar power also reduces our carbon dioxide emissions by about 500 tonnes each year, and we’re very proud of that,” says NSW Cotton farmer Jon Elder, “as the world continues to grow in size and demand, I feel confident knowing that these technologies will move us and the agricultural sector, towards a more sustainable future.”

So in the not too distant future, we may see our sheep flocks mingling with the solar panels out in the paddock!


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